Selling Your Home or Property

Curb Appeal

Selling your home can be a challenge. Many prospective buyers will drive by your home first.  So curb appeal is very important to attracting their interest, and a request for a showing.  Power washing sidewalks and siding can make a big difference.  Add easy-to-read house numbers, mow the lawn, and plant some blooming flowers. 

What is seen from the curb can make or break a potential sale.  Remember – “First Impressions” Be sure to ask one of our agents for more ideas to help you sell your home quickly and get the best price.


Well first, you have to want to de-clutter. No really, that’s what it takes: A desire to remove all unnecessary items, to clear space, to open up your world without stuff everywhere. If you really want to try living a de-cluttered life, then let’s get started.

Rather than taking on the great room, or the kitchen, let’s start with something that is really easy to do, doesn’t take much time, and gives an immediate sense of accomplishment: The JUNK DRAWER. Everyone has one, usually in the kitchen or pantry area. You know the drawer I mean. It is filled with everything from lug nuts to lip balm.

Staging Your Home

“Welcome Home” is the feeling good staging can bring to your home.  A sparkling clean, uncluttered home makes for a good showing.  De-personalize the space to prospective buyers can imagine themselves in your home.  

Whether you have a furnished or unfurnished home, Staging plays a very important part in selling your home quickly, and for the best price.  

Set the dining room table for guests to create an inviting atmosphere.  That’s a good start.  For more home staging tips ask one of our agents.    


Getting the “you” out of the house.  That means putting away personal items, like pictures.  You want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves in your home.  By removing the personal items that others do not relate to makes it a lot easier to see beyond the current decorations, and also makes people feel less like they are intruding in someone else’s private space. 

Make Space

It’s time to get rid of things you don’t use and make “empty” space.  Clear drawers and closets to show potential buyers that there is plenty of storage space.  Since you will probably be packing things in boxes to move, make sure your home shows plenty of room for storage.  The garage is also a place that one should consider making as open and clean as possible.

Showing Protocol

Showings can be a bit of a nuisance to some home owners, but there are certain protocol that should be observed.  No pets in the home, as well as feeding dishes, litter boxes, kennels, etc.  Lights should be turned on everywhere to help show the home in its best light.  Clean waste baskets, and garbage receptacles.  Beds made, and bathrooms clean and shiny.  Setting the dining room table for guests also makes for a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Find out more. Our agents can guide you through all the aspects of showing your home. 

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